Symptoms of an Exhaust Leak

The exhaust manifold in an engine collects gases from the cylinder head and omits the fumes into the atmosphere. The exhaust fumes are transported through piping, and if the piping becomes damaged, it can result in a leak. An exhaust leak is potentially dangerous and can impact the entire performance of a vehicle. When an exhaust is leaking, there are common symptoms to look out for that can prevent costly repairs.

Although there are instances when an exhaust leak can be silent, most leaks in the exhaust cause a high-pitched sound to come from the engine when it is running. Other symptoms may include poor vehicle performance, reduced gas mileage, a burning smell coming from the engine, and the smell of gasoline in the cabin of the vehicle.

Regular vehicle maintenance is recommended to keep your vehicle’s exhaust system fully functional. To schedule maintenance or inspection services, contact Tony Hyundai Waipio.

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