What Happens When the Alternator Goes Out?

Suppose that you are driving on the highway in Waipahu and you suddenly notice that your alternator or battery light has come on your dashboard. What does this mean? What happens if the alternator in your vehicle decides to go out?

The alternator in your vehicle is operated by a belt connected to the engine. This makes the alternator spin and produce the energy that is necessary to keep the battery charged. It also allows the alternator to help power the vehicle's electrical components. If your alternator light comes on, it means that the alternator is not functioning. If you drive too long, your car will lose power to its systems. You need to seek service right away.

If you have an alternator light that's come on, bring your vehicle to Tony Hyundai. They can replace your vehicle's alternator and diagnose any other potential problems you are having with your vehicle.

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