The Importance of a Roadside Emergency Kit

Here are some key items that should be in your emergency roadside kit:
  • An empty gas can gives anyone who stops a chance to get you fuel quickly so you can be back on your way in less time.
  • A bag of tools will give you the chance to fix small issues and get the car limping along to the closest service station where they can better address the issue with the car.
  • Flashlights and batteries are important so you can use them to flag help or to see what you are doing in the night if you need to make some repairs.
  • Jumper cables are important to be in the kit because now anyone who pulls over to assist can use their vehicle to help jump-start your car.
This guide was brought to you by the team at Tony Hyundai Waipio to ensure you and your passengers stay safe on the roads.
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